Xword - NY Times to charge home delivery customers for crosswords

Fremont, New Hampshire 0 comments

This New Policy to charge for the Xword puzzle is unacceptable. I have been a faithful home delivery customer for the better part of 30 years, and the Xword is central to my daily regime. Now, to have to pay extra--over and above the $60 plus I pay a month-- is truly short sighted of the Times.

We home delivery customers are the only demographic that keeps the print edition--and all those double-truck Macys ads--alive. You are trying to squeeze money out of the only golden goose you have.

One solution might be to award it as a perk for home delivery customers with over 5 years subscribing.

Another solution would be make the Xword free with advance payment of 6-months of home delivery.

But to charge extra: That is definitely anathema to any faithful customer.

I truly hope you will reconsider this change in policy..

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